6th International Symposium
Interface Biology of Implants

8 – 10 May 2019 • Rostock (DE)

6th International Symposium
Interface Biology of Implants

8 – 10 May 2019 • Rostock (DE)

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Main topics:

  • Generation of regenerative materials
  • Cell – extracellular matrix interaction
  • Material induced biological responses
  • Mechanical control of cells
  • Immunomodulation at the implant interface

Confirmed invited speakers:

Stephen Badylak (Pittsburgh/US)
The host response to biomaterials as the ultimate determinant of clinical outcome

Christoph Ballestrem (Manchester/GB)
Mechanosensing at the cell-matrix interface

Alexander Bershadsky (Rehovot/IL)

Carlijn Bouten (Eindhoven/NL)
Materials-driven in-situ engineering of valves and vessels

Matthew Dalby (Glasgow/GB)
Nanoscale control of mesenchymal stem cells

Rainer Detsch (Erlangen/DE)
Osteoclastogenesis: A physiologically relevant strategy for bone regeneration

Andres Garcia (Atlanta/US)
Engineering biomaterials to eliminate bacterial infections

Glenn R. Gaudette (Worcester/US)
Crossing biological kingdoms: Developing vascularized scaffolds from plants

C. James Kirkpatrick (Frankfurt am Main/DE)
The human implant interface : challenges for model systems

Benoit Ladoux (Paris and Singapore/SG)
Emergence of single cell mechanical behavior and polarity within epithelial monolayers drives collective cell migration

Eckhard Lammert (Düsseldorf/DE)
Mechanical stimulation of angiocrine signals

Catherine Picart (Grenoble/FR)
Bone repair with osteoinductive biomaterials

Saba Rezahkhani (Lausanne/CH)
Synthetic hydrogels for epithelial organoid culture

Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez (Glasgow/GB)
Material-based receptor-control in stem cell engineering

Tatiana Segura (Los Angeles/US)
Promoting endogenous brain repair with angiogenic biomaterials

G. V. Shivashankar (Singapore/SG)
Mechanogenomic regulation of cell-fate decisions

Ryan Scott Stowers (Stanford/US)
Matrix stiffness induces malignant phenotypes through changes in the epigenome

Raimon Sunyer Borrell (Barcelona/ES)
Collective durotaxis emerges from long range intercellular force transmission

Viola Vogel (Zürich/CH)
Mechanobiology: a forceful player in health and disease